Connection Camp 2016

For four days, campers let go of the pursuit & the striving and entered into true vibrancy and sense of freedom. Camp included daily activities like: workshops like yoga & writing, morning practices like meditation & breathwork, evening events like camp fires & singalongs. The campgrounds also included kayaks and canoes!

July 1-4, 2016 Poconos, PA

The Camp Experience


“[Leaving Connection Camp] I felt confident and transformed and pumped!”

– Steph

“I was really impressed by the quality of the experience overall. Coordinating that many people into so many activities was a feat of heroic proportions… The schedule was well balanced between fun and games and more serious and introspective activities, and it felt to me as though everything had been planned to the tiniest detail. A+ all the way around!

– Judy

“It was deeply touching to me to be completely seen and heard. I quickly got to know [the other campers] and connect on a deep level.”

– Elisa

“[At Connection Camp I felt] like a leader, lover, healer, collaborator…”

– Darius

“[Leaving Connection Camp I feel] Revived. Renewed. Like I got my compass back. Affirmed. Accepted. SEEN.”

– Pamela

“[I’m] excited to take this back to the world!”

– Dave

“[Leaving Connection Camp I feel] nourished beyond my wildest dreams!”

– Maia

“[Leaving Connection Camp I feel] lighter, happier, more confident in my own strength.”

– Jen

“[During Connection Camp I felt] OPEN, SATISFIED, impressed, nourished.”

– Jesse

“This memory will be part of me…”

– Olivia


Take a look at our workshop offerings from 2016:


    Come play! Explore a mix of partner yoga, partner acrobatics, and Thai bodywork with Lila Donnolo, certified AcroYoga instructor since 2007.


    Join Lila Donnolo, nicknamed “Huggy Bear” at her childhood summer camp, to expand your palette of sensual tactile techniques while drawing comfortable boundaries.


    Play a fun game that teaches the art of asking for what you want, fully receiving it, and exploring your edges of taking action and being receptive, all in a safe space led by Valerie Greene.


    An exploration in the arts of Tao Tantra, Healing Love and Sacred Sexuality. This is a women only workshop, led by Rachel Santos.


    Tao Tantra fundamentals with a focus on multi-orgasm and the microcosmic orbit. This is a mixed gender workshop led by Rachel Santos.


    A participatory Pop-Up Post Office for sharing your heart by hand. All hearts welcomed, Happy-in-love, Eager-to-love, Almost-healed, Still-bitter. Led by Barbara Ann Michaels and Josh Heath.


    Celebrate your self-love, the root of your living authentically & powerfully. Ceremonially declare your devotion to any aspect of yourself or your world. Led by Barbara Ann Michaels.


    Cuddle Parties are designed as non-sexual safe spaces where humans can meet their needs for nurturing touch, offering the attention and care of the facilitators on an as-needed basis. Led by Lila Donnolo & Justin Cordes in accordance with Cuddle Party guidelines.


    Explore your creative side with artist Josh Heath. Using connection and understanding another’s world we will let our creativity loose in connection painting.


    Join Christina Salerno, Innovation Leadership Coach, for a deep dive into inner obstacles to unlock and harness true courage so you feel free and lit up from the inside out!


    Want a bit of fun chill time? Play an assortment of games while getting to know some of the other amazing campers! Led by Christina Salerno.

  • Circling

    Circling is a fresh way to develop presence and richer connections with those around you. It provides a doorway into flow experiences & breathes life into often vague spiritual concepts & ideas.


    Access spiritual knowledge by way of our inner wisdom and Power Animal. You will discover your Power Animal in a realm abundant in knowledge, guidance, and spiritual insight. Led by Darius Wigfall.


    Dive into your spontaneity and playfully inventive nature through exercises that incorporate Improvisation, Creative Drama, Interactive Art, and Collaboration, all experienced through a lens of development and co-discovery. Led by Amy Silverman.


    Playful curiosity and appreciation games. Fall in love with your body and learn to embrace it fully. Yes, even the bits you love to hate! Led by Melody Kiersz.


    You are powerful, you are desireable, you have everything you need to find pleasure in each moment, You’ll learn what brings your body pleasure & how to invite it in every day. This is a women only workshop, led by Shane Kulman.


    In this Contact Improvisation & Moving Meditation workshop, explore and expand your body’s deep intelligence through moving meditations, massage, weight sharing, partner and group exercises. All levels welcome. No partner necessary. Led by Jesse Johnson.


    Julia Sokol leads body rolls, booty pops, hair flips, and sassy snaps, oh my! Let your inner diva shine in this sassy dance workshop. Learn a short section of choreography in the signature SassClass style: Flirty, Feminine, Fierce, always Fun!


    Through this vision board workshop, Om Boogie helps you create an extraordinary life doing the things you’ve always imagined and connect to the next level of your vision to manifest consistent fruition, abundance, wholeness, & balance.


    Led by Dani Galietti. As living breathing sculptural form, use your body to create shape, to move, breathe, and dance through space. This meditation guides you through the 5 elements and along chakra points to create and express joy in living.


    From brain chemicals to mirror neurons, and acts of kindness to social contagion. Learn the factors that build thriving relationships and simple practices for positively amplifying your interactions. With Emiliya Zhivotovskaya.


    Sound & Energy Healing Meditation which facilitates energetic flow, healing releases and deep shamanic journeying. Bathe in sound with a wide range of harmonic instruments, and receive healing techniques sourced from Usui Reiki and Pranashakti. With Malia Kulp & Friends.


    What’s it like to put on a red nose and act really silly like even sillier and more compassionate than you already act? Come find out! Release your inner clown of joy and happiness to each other. Led by Jason Jedrusiak.


    IntenSati is the a unique form of exercise that combines movement with positive affirmations. Join us for this high energy workout where you will sweat your prayers and amplify the vibration of your intentions. Led by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya.


    Breathing, laughing, connecting with one’s own laughter, and bonding through our each other’s laughter and innate humanity. It’s not like regular yoga, so no regular or fancy yoga poses required. Led by Jason Jedrusiak.


    Sounding is a participatory musical experience where we connect with ourselves and each other using voice, rhythm and movement. Guided by Malia Kulp, participants Circlesong and spontaneously compose Body Music, becoming one voice and one body.


    Come form a playful yet introspective community through improv theater and movement games and activities. We’ll move gently and organically through the space to take in each other and the natural world around us. Led by Jason Jedrusiak.

What campers said about WORKSHOPS

“Each workshop brought me a new gift of opening in a different way. I explored joining and solitude, too. I explored what I desired.”

– Barbara

“[The workshops showed me] that there are so many ways for us to connect, and how [we] need to include them all.”

– Nima

“I loved getting to do yoga with others by the water with the morning light. It made me feel more connected to nature to be with others.”

– Elyza

“[The workshops offered] a beautiful balance of explanation & engagement. I got as a workshop leader / co-facilitator, participants so open & available to embrace & engage with all that was being offered & hungry to connect. And I felt inspired to give & find more opportunities for connection, too!”

– Maia

“I enjoyed all the workshops & the community of others on a journey of self-inquiry, awareness, knowledge & consciousness practice.”

– Phillip

2016 Nightlife

Nights at Connection Camp 2016 were a complete blast, with Unitribe producing our three unique evenings.

connection lab &
cabin bonding

Get ready to dive into playful relating games and connection exercises where you’ll get to know yourself and each other in a fun and profound way. Then head back to your bunks or campsites for more bonding led by your very own Camp Counselor for the weekend.

dance party &

We’ll dance our booties off with DJ Srikalogy of Unitribe followed, of course, by a bonfire.

Talent show &

We’ll wrap up the night with another bonfire plus you’ll have the chance to strut your stuff in our camp Talent Show MC’d by the incredible Christina Salerno of The Quirk Cafe. Read poetry, sing, dance, clown-it-up, play an instrument or tell us a story.

“I was in awe of the talent within the group! I especially loved seeing the courage and excitement in the faces of those who were not used to performing.”

– Judy

“[I was] so floored by the amount of talent in this community. [The talent show was] so diverse & inspired me even more in my own fullest expression.”

– Maia

2016 Color Olympics

Think there’s no place for connection in competition? Think again! The 2016 Connection Camp Color Olympics gave campers an opportunity to really bask in the nostalgia of summer camp playfulness with lighthearted team games designed to draw on everyone’s different strengths and skills, while providing an opportunity to examine how we relate to ourselves, teammates, and “opponents” in arenas we might otherwise consider to be divisive. The Purple Team and the Orange Team went head to head in over-the-top ridiculous challenges of trivia, improvisation, athletics (don’t worry – we use the term loosely!) and displays of spirit. The full invitation of the Color Olympics, however, invites participants to dive deeper than the surface silliness and competition and experiment with what it means to connect with others whether they’re “on your side” or not.

And PS – No Human Hungry Hippos were harmed in the making of these games… 😉

“[The Color Olympics were] ridiculously fun and amazing… I feel transformed in my relationship to competition.” -Maia

2016 Healing Pavillion

Connection Camp’s Healing Pavilion provided an oasis for self-care within your larger camp experience. We hosted a variety of leading health and wellness professionals – massage, chiropractic, energy work, and more – on site to provide complimentary mini-consultations and allow campers to explore new modalities for supporting your total wellbeing. Practitioners provided full services on site.

“The practitioners gave so generously of themselves!” – 2016 Camper

See our 2016 Healing Pavilion Partners:


    Uplevel your business, increase your income and call your dreams into reality. Clear your blocks around money and receiving and begin calling in the next installment of what you want out of life. With Jesse Johnson.


    Through Reiki, guided meditation, intuitive healing & Shamanic Drum Journeying, Darius Wigfall‘s sessions assist you in stepping into a paradigm of balance, longevity & spiritual abundance that brings light to the heart.


    Take a dip in the soothing waters of balance and renewal. Pamela Yap will support you in coming as you are – You are Wholeness. Please provide access to areas below the elbows and the knees and bring a pillow.


    Betsy Karp helps you unleash the essence that projects from within & discover your individual and unique color glow. Discover how colors are connected with internal emotions & understand how to use color to express your authentic, real self.


    Malia Kulp offers one-to-one and small group Sonergy Sessions. Combining hands on energy work and channeled vocal sound frequencies.


    One-on-one deep guided meditation and relaxation sessions with essential oils, rooted in yogic practice. With Lauren Jacobs.

2016 marketplace

We love makers, creators, and mindful businesses, so we brought some of them to share their wares! Campers visted the Marketplace to find sweet souvenirs, gifts, and pieces of Connection Camp to share joy with loved ones!

2016 directors

amy silverman

jj Kovacevich

Amy Silverman is committed to bringing people together through play, connection, self-expression and creativity. Her passion for igniting human connection led her to build and facilitate The Connection Movement, a community that comes together and dives into self-discovery, transformation and deep, earnest connection through events, workshops, coaching programs, social experiments and retreats. Amy is a passionate connector with a natural instinct towards big vision and action. With 20 years professional experience, she has worked in Chicago, Minneapolis and New York as a workshop creator and facilitator, public and private school teacher, a teacher-trainer, program-innovator, coach and consultant, small-business owner, and theatrical director/teacher. Learn more about her in this video.

JJ Kovacevich is a creative renaissance woman who loves wearing a whole bunch of hats! With over a decade of professional performing arts experience, years in the health and wellness industry as a yoga instructor and mindful personal trainer, and multiple forays into non-profit, arts management, and small business as a production coordinator and administrator, JJ is excited to bring all those different passions into play with Connection Camp.

2016 Nightlife Producers

Our Connection Camp Nightlife Producers

UNITRIBE creates transformational events to build community, deepen connections, manifest intentions and raise vibrations. UNITRIBE workshops, parties and festivals bring people together for creative expression, spiritual development, healing and education.

2016 Team

Color Olympics Organizers
Christina Salerno
Dani Galietti
Kristen Lee Langelier
Lynn Kreaden

Talent Show Hosts
Christina Salerno

Website Design & Development
Jenn Eakin

Photography & Videography
Jenn Eakin
Elyza Bleau
Lauren Alford

About Our 2016 Home

Connection Camp was located at the beautiful, freshly renovated Pocono Springs Camp. And we were so lucky to call this place home. Pocono Springs is coed sleepaway camp in the countryside of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, just 2 hours from NYC and Philadelphia, 4 hours from DC. Pocono Springs included the glistening swimmable private lake. Pocono Springs’ hiking trails, woods, waterfront, fields, courts, dining hall, and recreation hall were all be available to Connection Campers.

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