Life at camp

For four days, we invite you to come as you are – let go of the pursuit & the striving that can pull you away from your true vibrancy and sense of freedom. We’ll provide daily activities including: workshops like yoga & writing, morning practices like meditation & breathwork, evening events like camp fires & singalongs. The campgrounds also include kayaks and canoes!


Stay tuned for our 2017 workshop line-up!

Connection Camp brings you a stellar team of teachers to support and guide you in deep play, exploration, and expansion. Each morning starts off with a round of offerings in mindfulness and wellness to launch your day from a grounded and open place. Meditation, yoga, and breathwork will be included among the morning practice offerings. And throughout your days, you’ll have a diverse choice of workshops, including dance, arts and crafts, authentic relating games, Circling (relational meditation), partner yoga, the lost art of letter writing, collaborative music and movement playshops, and more! Each day will offer two to four workshop slots with multiple selections at each time, so you’re sure to find options that speak to your heart!

Checkout our workshops from 2016:


    Explore your creative side with artist Josh Heath. Using connection and understanding another’s world we will let our creativity loose in connection painting.


    Join Christina Salerno, Innovation Leadership Coach, for a deep dive into inner obstacles to unlock and harness true courage so you feel free and lit up from the inside out!


    Want a bit of fun chill time? Play an assortment of games while getting to know some of the other amazing campers! Led by Christina Salerno.

  • Circling

    Circling is a fresh way to develop presence and richer connections with those around you. It provides a doorway into flow experiences & breathes life into often vague spiritual concepts & ideas.


    Access spiritual knowledge by way of our inner wisdom and Power Animal. You will discover your Power Animal in a realm abundant in knowledge, guidance, and spiritual insight. Led by Darius Wigfall.


    Dive into your spontaneity and playfully inventive nature through exercises that incorporate Improvisation, Creative Drama, Interactive Art, and Collaboration, all experienced through a lens of development and co-discovery. Led by Amy Silverman.


    Playful curiosity and appreciation games. Fall in love with your body and learn to embrace it fully. Yes, even the bits you love to hate! Led by Melody Kiersz.


    You are powerful, you are desireable, you have everything you need to find pleasure in each moment, You’ll learn what brings your body pleasure & how to invite it in every day. This is a women only workshop, led by Shane Kulman.


    In this Contact Improvisation & Moving Meditation workshop, explore and expand your body’s deep intelligence through moving meditations, massage, weight sharing, partner and group exercises. All levels welcome. No partner necessary. Led by Jesse Johnson.


    Julia Sokol leads body rolls, booty pops, hair flips, and sassy snaps, oh my! Let your inner diva shine in this sassy dance workshop. Learn a short section of choreography in the signature SassClass style: Flirty, Feminine, Fierce, always Fun!


    Through this vision board workshop, Om Boogie helps you create an extraordinary life doing the things you’ve always imagined and connect to the next level of your vision to manifest consistent fruition, abundance, wholeness, & balance.


    Led by Dani Galietti. As living breathing sculptural form, use your body to create shape, to move, breathe, and dance through space. This meditation guides you through the 5 elements and along chakra points to create and express joy in living.


    From brain chemicals to mirror neurons, and acts of kindness to social contagion. Learn the factors that build thriving relationships and simple practices for positively amplifying your interactions. With Emiliya Zhivotovskaya.


    Sound & Energy Healing Meditation which facilitates energetic flow, healing releases and deep shamanic journeying. Bathe in sound with a wide range of harmonic instruments, and receive healing techniques sourced from Usui Reiki and Pranashakti. With Malia Kulp & Friends.


    What’s it like to put on a red nose and act really silly like even sillier and more compassionate than you already act? Come find out! Release your inner clown of joy and happiness to each other. Led by Jason Jedrusiak.


    IntenSati is the a unique form of exercise that combines movement with positive affirmations. Join us for this high energy workout where you will sweat your prayers and amplify the vibration of your intentions. Led by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya.


    Breathing, laughing, connecting with one’s own laughter, and bonding through our each other’s laughter and innate humanity. It’s not like regular yoga, so no regular or fancy yoga poses required. Led by Jason Jedrusiak.


    Sounding is a participatory musical experience where we connect with ourselves and each other using voice, rhythm and movement. Guided by Malia Kulp, participants Circlesong and spontaneously compose Body Music, becoming one voice and one body.


    Come form a playful yet introspective community through improv theater and movement games and activities. We’ll move gently and organically through the space to take in each other and the natural world around us. Led by Jason Jedrusiak.


Stayed tuned for the full camp schedule!


Nights at Connection Camp will be a complete blast. Check out our three unique evenings:

connection lab &
cabin bonding

Get ready to dive into playful relating games and connection exercises where you’ll get to know yourself and each other in a fun and profound way. Then head back to your bunks or campsites for more bonding led by your very own Camp Counselor for the weekend.

dance party &

We’ll dance our booties off with DJ Srikalogy followed, of course, by a bonfire.

Talent show &

We’ll wrap up the night with another bonfire plus you’ll have the chance to strut your stuff in our camp Talent Show MC’d by the incredible Rachel Santos. Read poetry, sing, dance, clown-it-up, play an instrument or tell us a story.

Free time

Your time at Connection Camp is just that – your time. Although we have a schedule chock-full of workshops and playtime ready for you, we encourage you to truly choose your own adventure. During unscheduled time – or at any ol’ time at all – feel free to step away from the camp programming and take advantage of the beautiful natural landscape and campground resources. Enjoy a hike along the private wooded trails. Kick off those shoes and relax lakeside. Get your mitts on the sporting equipment offered on-site and delight your inner kid with a game of catch, or position yourself as Connection Camp’s first dodgeball baron. Park yourself on a cabin porch and sing along with the birds. Connection Camp seeks to offer you as much opportunity to connect inwardly with yourself and with nature as you do with your campmates.

Camp marketplace

We love makers, creators, and mindful businesses, so we brought some of them to share their wares with you!  The Camp Marketplace provides an opportunity to explore your personal connection to money in a thoughtful way, or to just find a sweet souvenir, snag a gift for your new bunk buddy, or take a piece of Connection Camp home to share the joy with your loved ones!

Check out our lovely vendors from 2016:

Healing Pavillion

Connection Camp’s Healing Pavilion will provide an oasis for self-care within your larger camp experience. We will be hosting a variety of leading health and wellness professionals – massage, chiropractic, energy work, and more – on site to provide complimentary mini-consultations and allow you to explore new modalities for supporting your total wellbeing. Many practitioners will also be providing full services on site, if you wish to book a session during your stay (at an additional cost).

Please note that schedules and rates for full service sessions, both on-site and for future appointments, are determined by the individual practitioners.

See our 2016 Healing Pavilion Partners below, and stay tuned for info on our 2017 healers!



    Uplevel your business, increase your income and call your dreams into reality. Clear your blocks around money and receiving and begin calling in the next installment of what you want out of life. With Jesse Johnson.


    Through Reiki, guided meditation, intuitive healing & Shamanic Drum Journeying, Darius Wigfall‘s sessions assist you in stepping into a paradigm of balance, longevity & spiritual abundance that brings light to the heart.


    Take a dip in the soothing waters of balance and renewal. Pamela Yap will support you in coming as you are – You are Wholeness. Please provide access to areas below the elbows and the knees and bring a pillow.


    Betsy Karp helps you unleash the essence that projects from within & discover your individual and unique color glow. Discover how colors are connected with internal emotions & understand how to use color to express your authentic, real self.


    Malia Kulp offers one-to-one and small group Sonergy Sessions. Combining hands on energy work and channeled vocal sound frequencies.


    One-on-one deep guided meditation and relaxation sessions with essential oils, rooted in yogic practice. With Lauren Jacobs.


Connection Camp isn’t big on rules – in fact, we want this experience to be a playground for exploring and maybe breaking your rules, expectations, and assumptions about how you relate to yourself and others – but some rules will help everyone involved have the best possible shared experience.

That said, please note…

  • We are a smoke, alcohol, and of course, illicit substance free event.
  • Campers must be age 18 or older. (We love your kids, but they’re gonna have to sit this one out. We want Connection Camp to be about you and your experience.)
  • Campers must be human. (We love Fido, but unfortunately cannot accommodate pets on the grounds.)
  • No crummy attitudes. (We don’t love crummy attitudes, and unfortunately cannot accommodate them on the grounds, either.)
  • All campers must sign a liability waiver upon check-in at camp before participating in any camp programming.