Connection Camp
Healer & Wellness Experts

Connection Camp is a summer camp-style experience for grown-ups, with a focus on fostering connection in all its forms – connection with self, connection with other, connection with nature, connection through play, connection through collaboration.

June 8-11, 2017 Sussex, NJ

The Event

Through a variety of conscientiously-curated participatory workshops, individually-focused guided practices, playful camp activities, evening dance parties and campfire gatherings, and on-site health and wellness providers, Connection Camp offers more than a weekend getaway, a rustic retreat, or a chance to meet new people. It’s a radical opportunity for participants to get curious, get playful, get real, and get plugged into a vibrant sense of community.

  • Hosted by NYC-based organization The Connection Movement
  • Held at the scenic Camp Louemma in Sussex, NJ
  • Camp runs Thursday, June 8th (10 am) through Sunday, June 11th, 2017 (5 pm)

The Attendees

How many campers will attend Connection Camp?

At our first Connection Camp (2016) we had 72 campers. This year, we can accommodate up to 125 campers. Based on the feedback we’ve received, the success of past events and retreats hosted by The Connection Movement, and past events hosted by our collaborative marketing and promoting partners we are targeting attendance of more than 75.

Who attends Connection Camp?

Our camp community is comprised of high-performing professionals living in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, DC (and the surrounding areas) who are experiencing high demands professionally and personally. They are predominantly in their late 20’s to 50’s – with the majority falling in the 30’s to 40’s range. They work nine-to-five jobs or are motivated entrepreneurs.

Our community members are already initiated into the self-development arena and are curious to uplevel the experience of adventure, play and recreation in their lives, as well as their overall well-being, by spending more time, energy and money in these areas. Based on last year’s turnout, we expect that demographically, attendees will be about 60% women, 40% men.

Why Participate?

We value collaboration.

As a Connection Camp partner or sponsor, you will meet new people, gain exposure, build new relationships, make new connections for future collaborations, and generate revenue selling your service or product.

Connection Camp helps you gain brand recognition with a specific target audience. This focused group consists of innovative thinkers, conscious business entrepreneurs, health & wellness instructors, and community leaders brought together by one underlying common mission: to do good for the greater whole of the planet.

The mission of Connection Camp is to create space to allow people to feel supported and connected with the aim of creating a rippling effect of positive social change. The overall experience of camp will be a sum of all its parts, which includes campers, teachers, volunteers and businesses involved.

By participating as a sponsor, your support will carry on with each member’s experience, empowering each individual with the ability to make a difference by spreading the message of your brand and contributing to one another’s success.


Based on our first year’s performance, the success of similar events, and the amazing collaborators and cross-promotional partners we have lined up, we anticipate that we’ll have 70-100 participants. However, we cannot guarantee how many people will attend. Keep in mind that the other sponsors, presenters, teachers, and vendors participating in the event are also your audience. They can become your sponsors, joint venture partners, and even clients and customers.
All products sold and/or services provided must align with the offerings approved by the Connection Camp team prior to the event and specified in your partnership agreement.

Please note that in order to maintain the culture of Connection Camp, it is important that Campers not feel “sold-to” or pushed into making purchases. For example, if you are there to give and sell massage services, please do not cross-sell related products such as essential oils, buckwheat forehead pillows, etc. We do, however, encourage you to offer your massage services at camp and even schedule appointments beyond the camp weekend.

If you don’t follow the agreement guidelines at the event, you may be asked to not participate and your investment will not be returned.

You may pay in full at the time of registration, or make payments in either three or six installments after an initial deposit. Installment plans require a deposit with registration ($300 for 3 month plans and $350 for 6 month plans), and each subsequent installment will include an additional $10 surcharge.
No. Connection Camp will establish designated consultation hours for the Healing Pavilion and provide a sign-in sheet and clipboard for campers to register for your consultation/healing offerings. Beyond that, it is your responsibility to manage your schedule at camp and to provide anything else you may need, such as an intake forms, etc.

You are free to use the Healing Pavilion at any other times outside of your chosen work times/days in order to provide paid services to clients you meet at camp.

Inclusion of a promotional coupon in the camp swag bag is available as an add-on option for each category of partnership. Regarding promotional coupons, people reliably respond to special offers, and particularly time-sensitive offers. We recommend including a special offer that expires within a week or two after Connection Camp. Another option is to offer your products or services at a lower price in order to encourage further customer/client interaction beyond the event.
Yes. The Healing Pavilion will only have mini-sessions and consultations and will be placed away from noisy activities. Please be mindful of the other practitioners when you speak with your clients by whispering and keeping the talking portion of your work quiet.
You may pay a deposit upfront and then the rest using a 3 month or 6 month payment plan.
Camper contacts will not be distributed to partners. We encourage you to make personal connections and exchange contact info with campers who may be potential clients.

For those partners participating in the full camp experience, you will be included in, and receiving access to, the camper directory. We ask that you honor the intended purpose of this directory – for campers to maintain connection with fellow campers after the event – and add to your mailing lists, etc. only those with whom you’ve had a personal exchange as a professional.

Connection Camp is being promoted on social media outlets, through newsletter emails from The Connection Movement and Authentic Relating NY, as well as with community distribution of printed materials. Expanded promotional reach includes the social media and mailing lists of our participating partners (healers/experts, vendors, product sponsors, etc.), including you!

We also have cross-promotional partners that will advertise Connection Camp at their establishments and events, and via their social media outlets.

The combined reach of Connection Camp’s total promotional network is expected to span between 15,000-20,000 individuals.

From our experience, partners and sponsors who achieve the greatest return on their partnership investment are those who are actively communicate with campers in the weeks and months following the event. Regarding partners who opt to include promotional coupons in the camp swag bag, those who give special offers and low-priced options encourage participants they meet to engage in future in-person experiences with you. Including an expiration on your offer helps people act expediently, as does communicating directly with leads via telephone.

We encourage vendors, healers/wellness experts, and teachers to select a partnership option that includes both conducting business and participation in the full camp experience. Your engagement as a camper, in addition to your participation as a vendor or service provider, gives you the best opportunity to build truly personal, sustaining relationships with potential long-term clients and customers.

The Opportunity

Open to massage therapists, personal trainers, somatic practitioners, energy healers, card readers, nutritionists, coaches, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc.

The Healing Pavilion will be set up on the camp grounds and will be open during designated hours each day (approximately three-five hours daily) for Healers and Experts to offer complimentary consultations and mini-experiences.

Your sessions will last approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and are an opportunity for attendees to receive gratis one-on-one exposure to various professionals, therapies, healing modalities and wellness practices, as well as sign up for longer (paid) sessions, to take place either at Connection Camp or at your office in the future.

We want you to book paid sessions and grow your client base. We want you to share your gifts and leave people feeling connected to your work. We encourage you to collect email addresses and book follow-up appointments with Campers.

Participating partners in this category have the option to schedule as few or as many paid services on-site as fits their needs, beyond the designated complimentary service hours.

The designated Healing Pavilion hours will be scheduled primarily during unscheduled time and meals will not conflict with workshop programming, so as to direct maximum participant traffic to providers. See a Connection Camp representative for scheduling.

Healers and Experts will be featured in our camp guide so that campers know where and when to find you both at camp and after camp is over.

Partnership INCLUDES

  • Your housing, meals, snacks and full access and inclusion in camp programming
  • Space in the Healing Pavilion for complimentary consultations and mini-services
  • Ability to sell your services at the event
  • Space to perform paid services for campers
  • Your offering and website featured in printed camp guide and on our website
  • Unique $30 gift code for your audience to register for camp and save
  • Earn $40 commission for every camper registration you generate
  • Promotion of your business to our online network of 5000+

You Provide

  • Your expertise and unique wellness offering through high quality service
  • Social media marketing of Connection Camp to your audience (specific dates and content to be determined in collaboration with a Connection Camp representative)
  • One newsletter release with Connection Camp as the primary focus
  • Three additional newsletter mentions

Healer Options

Payment Plans and Sliding Scale are available. Talk to your Connection Camp representative.

HEALER, $900-$1225 HEALER PLUS, $1100-$1425
  • 4 Days and 3 Nights of participation in Camp Programming
  • Accommodations of your choice
  • All Meals and Snacks
  • Designated spot in the Healing Pavilion for you to offer services and grow your client base.
  • 4 Days and 3 Nights of participation in Camp Programming
  • Accommodations of your choice
  • All Meals and Snacks
  • Designated spot in the Healing Pavilion for you to offer services and grow your client base.
  • Add your promotional coupon to camp swag bags (coupon to be mailed directly to camp for arrival between May 20-27, 2017)
  • Three social media mentions posted by Connection Camp, The Connection Movement, and/or Authentic Relating NY prior to or within one week after the event


Payment Plans and Sliding Scale are available. Talk to your Connection Camp representative.